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    "James Hausen and his assistant Juliana are an excellent team and a joy to work with. They were both incredibly professional and able to explain everything regarding my case in plain English to help me navigate the confusing legal jargon. I cannot sing their praise enough so hopefully this review will suffice. They were even accommodating enough to set up forwarding on court documents to my out of state mailing address so that I would be informed every step of the way. 10/10 AAA+ service."

    ~ Sean

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    "I have found Hausen Law LLC to be very helpful. Attorney Hausen is extremely kind, professional and willing to answer any and all question and is very considerate. Everyone in his practice is very knowledgeable and very helpful. I would recommend Hausen Law 100%."

    ~ Mary Lu

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    "Attorney James Hausen and His Staff are amazing. They answer all your questions in a timely manner and are very professional. Thank you for the outstanding service and experience through my successful Bankruptcy."

    ~ Andrea

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    "I would recommend Hausen Law LLC To anyone , the whole team are Fantastic. I’ve never been through anything like this before. Mr Hausen and his staff are very supportive and patient. Are always there if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for everything."

    ~ M. F.

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    "When your back is against the wall with debt and judgments that are affecting your everyday life James Hausen is the man you want in your corner. Any stress or worries you may have he will be there to answer. This law firm does not make you feel like you are just another person. They genuinely care about their clients and I cannot speak highly enough of them! If you are debating on filing bankruptcy this is your got to place no questions asked."

    ~ Dustin

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    "Attorney Hausen is amazing. I would definitely recommend. The whole office makes the experience easy by answering any questions and quickly. I was so unsure what to expect from bankruptcy but with Attorney Hausen my mind was kept at ease through the whole process. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly."

    ~ Jennifer

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    "The staff here are always nice and helpful. Easy to communicate with. James literally saved my life and I cannot thank him enough!!"

    ~ Justin

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    "Best attorney I ever deal with he answer all your questions and make sure you understand them so if you live in the Ohio area I would recommend this attorney for you"

    ~ T.

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    "Everything has gone extremely smoothly working with Hausen law. My attorney James is extremely detailed and helpful with me understanding everything that has gone on and that has continued to go on I am very thankful that I have chose this company with my bankruptcy."

    ~ Serina

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    "I will recommend Hausen Law to anyone seeking financial stability through bankruptcy. James and his crew have been absolutely fantastic handling my case. Thank you for everything."

    ~ Berman

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    "Attorney Hausen and his associates make every step understandable, let you know every pro and con of each situation, and ensure that you walk away knowing things were handled appropriately. Very friendly people."

    ~ Eric

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    "Always got right back to me via text. Paralegals and secretaries were awesome. They were right on top of the paperwork helped me through any questions I had, highly recommended."

    ~ Julie

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    "It was a very easy and seamless process. My attorney and his staff were nice and friendly yet professional. Thank you for helping with my successful bankruptcy."

    ~ Chaqunia

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    "Attorney Hausen and Juliana. Very professional walks you through everything step-by-step a true pleasure to work with."

    ~ Wendy

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    "Hausen Law, LLC was a great choice for my bankruptcy. I had great communication between me and James Hausen and his paralegal. I didn't really know what to expect so it made me nervous but he's a first class guy and explained everything to me answered my questions and always made sure I knew what was going on. Thank you for making this a smoothe process."

    ~ Adam

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    "Attorney Hausen and his paralegal are amazing, highly recommended. I’ve had a wonderful experience, thank you for everything!"

    ~ Michaela

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    "James Hausen is incredibly helpful in this process to fix the financial scars after my divorce. With his help and assistance, I not only was able to start rebuilding my credit, but also successfully finish my plan over a year early. All parts, pieces, plans and knowledge of this journey trickle to the betterment of personal and professional life."

    ~ Mike

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    "Thank you for helping us through this difficult process with ease we can’t thank you enough Hausen Law"

    ~ Tamara

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