Should You Hire a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney?

Should you hire a cheap bankruptcy attorney? | Akron Canton Bankruptcy Attorney


Lately in the field of bankruptcy attorneys, I have noticed a lot of attorneys are starting to advertise cheap attorney fees in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Wooster, New Philadelphia area. But is cheaper necessarily better?

Bankruptcy law can be straightforward, but it can also be complicated too. If you go to a bankruptcy attorney based on their fees and not on their skills, then you may be asking for trouble. An attorney who puts a lot of time into your case will charge accordingly. A typical attorney will charge anywhere from $200-$300 per hour. A bankruptcy case will typically last a few hours and more complicated ones will last more than a few hours. The attorney has to interview you, do some research on what you own, look at your budget and calculate your income. The attorney also needs to take time to look at whether you pass the means test. Even if you don't pass the means test, the attorney may still take a look at whether you need to even take the means test or if there is another way for you to fail the means test but still file chapter 7.

The attorney also has to discuss with you any assets you may have and discuss exemptions with you. There may also be reaffirmation agreements the attorney may have to work on. The attorney also needs to go to the meeting of creditors with you and walk you through the process. As you can tell, a case can get quite complicated and time consuming.

Sometimes after an attorney does a thorough investigation of your case, he/she may determine that you need to file a chapter 13 instead of a chapter 7. Then you will need an experienced bankruptcy attorney to assist you though the process of a chapter 13.

So as you seek a bankruptcy attorney, you can't look for the cheapest. You need to look at who knows the law the best and will get the job done for you without getting it done wrong.

When you file with us, you will know that we work hard on your case. We will not lead you down the wrong road. We will thoroughly go through your assets, preferences, and any possible fraudulent conveyances you may have done. We will also go through your budget and income and let you know if we feel there may be bad faith in this filing. We will let you know the best way to protect your assets and income. We will let you know if any creditors may object to your discharge based on the information we receive from you.

We at Hausen Law, LLC take pride in not being known as cheap attorneys but two of the best attorneys out there. We are professional bankruptcy attorneys. We will work with you to meet your goals in bankruptcy. With over a combined 51 years of experience, we get the job done right to make you have peace of mind.

Submitted on 1/29/2015

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