Start Your Life Anew Without the Debt

Start Your Life Anew Without the Debt

Sometimes, even if you have made all the right choices, bad things just happen to you.  Perhaps you made some investments that didn’t pan out.  Or, perhaps you went through a divorce and saw your income reduced.  Or maybe you were unfortunate enough to suffer a catastrophic illness or injury and now you are swimming in medical bills.  However you got there, you should be aware that there is a way out.  The bankruptcy process is designed to help people just like you: people who need a fresh start without the crushing burden of debt.  

Get Bankruptcy Help with Hausen Law, LLC

At Hausen Law, LLC, we know how to help people who are struggling with debt.  One of the most commonly used tools is a chapter 7 bankruptcy. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process that allows you to notify your creditors of your intent to discharge your debt. You file the bankruptcy papers, list all the debt you owe, and put together a list of your assets.The court will hold a creditor’s meeting and review your papers.  If you have any assets that are not exempt—and don’t worry, chances are most of your assets are exempt—those assets will be liquidated and the money will be distributed to your creditors.  After that, your remaining debt will be extinguished.

A Fresh Start Is Just A Phone Call Away

There is no reason to keep struggling with debt.  By using the chapter 7 bankruptcy statutes, you can put your issues behind you and begin a new life.Some people worry that if they file for bankruptcy, they will lose everything they own (which isn’t much to begin with).  However, this is not true: the bankruptcy laws allow people to keep certain property known as exempt property.  This includes a house, a vehicle, certain personal possessions, and so on.While a full exploration of what is and is not exempt property is beyond the scope of this blog, the simple fact is that most people who are in the position of filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy don’t own much property that is not exempt.  Simply put, chances are pretty good that you’ll keep everything you own.You don’t have to struggle on alone: help is available! Contact a local Akron chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney today! For more information, contact us at Hausen Law, LLC.  We are here to help you put your life back together!

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